• Unilever Australasia

    I have always been able to rely on Philip to provide a healthy sense of perspective and honesty when it has come to recruiting great talent or frankly managing my own career path. He has a high level of personal integrity which means I never feel like I am being 'sold to' - I always feel like I am benefiting from sage advice built on years of industry knowledge, well honed networks and a general interest in people and making their professional lives just that little bit better.
    Nicky Sparshott, Marketing Director, 2007
  • Red Bull Australia

    I have known Philip for 15 years and recently had the chance to reconnect. Philip sourced me as a candidate for my current role. Philip was a true partner along whole way, was totally transparent, supportive and puts the candidate experience first. He really understood what Red Bull was looking for and made sure I was the right person for the role. 4 months in and I'm loving it, so glad he approached me and got the search done. I would recommend Philip to any prospective clients or employers.
    Seb Brandt, Marketing Director, 2017
  • Coca-Cola South Pacific

    Philip has been a terrific business partner for a number of years. He is experienced, well-connected and always takes the time to truly understand the brief. Importantly his ability to identify and connect with great talent has been key to filling a number of strategically important roles within the business.
    Pamela Wyatt, Marketing Director - Hydration & Value Added Dairy, 2017
  • Integria Healthcare

    The “next career move” can be a difficult & exhausting process leaving one feeling underwhelmed by the whole experience. This has definitely not been the case under Philip’s care. Both the employer & prospective employee were listened to and treated with respect and all parties worked toward a mutually beneficial outcome. Philip is very well connected in the FMCG industry, has a fantastic portfolio of companies and is very conscious of matching companies, roles and in my case a client. The most refreshing part has been very clear communication throughout & tight timelines which were adhered to. In the sometimes confusing world of recruitment, I would highly recommend Philip & Touchpoint Executive as a first point of contact should you want to recruit or look for your next move."
    Arnaud Plard, Head of Sales (Australia), 2018
  • Care Pharmaceuticals

    Philip. I can honestly say that you stand apart from any other recruiter that I have worked with during my short career! In a very good way. Your support and guidance have been very much appreciated.
    Jon Biddle, Country General Manager, 2014
  • Pernod Ricard Pacific

    Touchpoint Executive has been a valuable partner in recruiting high-calibre FMCG candidates, Philip is very close to the market and well connected to the highest talent in the marketing community. His greatest strength is matching candidates with the organisational culture he is working with to ensure a strong candidate fit beyond just experience and qualifications.
    Glen Brasington, Vice President Marketing, Asia, 2011
  • Integria Healthcare

    I've worked with Philip on very difficult recruitment briefs recently and Philip always delivered perfectly to the point. His listening skills and ability to truly understand the client's needs are one of a kind - and the result is the right profiles and interesting candidates on our desk, every time. Taking our interests at heart whilst also looking after his candidates to make sure it is the perfect match for both is what Philip is about. Philip is also very proactive and doesn't shy away from helping clients understand the realities of the market or the difficulty of the profile we would be looking for and manages our expectations really well. It is always a pleasure working with Philip, for his efficiency, reliability and ability to nail the brief every time
    Lucie Wolstenholme, General Manager, Marketing, 2019
  • Mars (formerly Wrigleys)

    Working with Philip has been a pleasure. I simply cannot fault his passion, commitment or professionalism, and from the outset I knew he was on my side to see my career flourish and was a person I could trust. Philip represented his client well to me and clearly represented me in the best light to them. Throughout the process, Philip continually exceeded expectations, and his advice and council were both genuine and invaluable. It has been a win-win for all involved, with a fantastic result for my career and future.
    Jamie Thomas, Category Director, 2008
  • Alberto Culver Australia

    Thank you for everything. You have played an enormous part in helping us shape the team we have today and therefore you are a huge part of our success.
    Catrin Thomas, General Manager Sales & Marketing, 2010
  • Smith's Snackfood Co.

    I found Philip to be a highly valuable partner in my recent job search. Having dealt with a few recruiters in recent times Philip was one of the few that always followed up and followed through, interested in developing relationships and not just settling a quick transaction. With some complexities and challenges involved with my placement, Philip absolutely went the extra mile to facilitate communication, resolve issues, and provide support throughout. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and use him again as either a candidate or a hiring manager.
    Sheri Juchau, Commercial Director, Smiths, 2014
  • Blackmores Ltd

    We have worked with Philip Calodoukas over the past few years and his passion and commitment to find the best candidate has resulted in him placing a number of successful candidates within our marketing team.
    Cecilia Howard, Marketing Director, 2007
  • Ferrero Australia

    I have known Philip for five years. Together, we have worked on half a dozen recruitments. Philip is a strong relationship builder. He is a very proactive and clear communicator, which makes people feel they have a good picture of the situation, and are generally in good hands. He has been instrumental in bringing some key talent to my team.
    Yannick Durand, Marketing Director, 2013
  • Coca-Cola South Pacific

    Philip was outstanding in partnering me to take the next step in my career. What sets Philip apart from other recruiters is that he has deep knowledge of the businesses he is recruiting for and therefore can be refreshingly honest in his appraisal of a candidate's fit with the business and role. Where he believes there is an alignment, he then really invests the time to ensure that each is well prepared for the ensuing recruiting process ensuring a win win outcome for all.
    Martyn Ferguson, Marketing Manager Adult Sparkling, 2018
  • KFC (Yum Restaurants)

    It was only about a year ago that I came across Philip, but in that one year not only did Philip place me in the exact role that I was looking for, he has also helped me recruit within my new team. Philip is a very personable individual, making him a terrific recruiter. He approaches every recruitment opportunity with lots of enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude. I have recommended Philip to my friends and will continue to look to him to support any future resourcing needs.
    Fatima Syed, Marketing Director, 2011
  • Fine Wine Partners (Accolade Wines)

    I have had the good fortune of working with Philip for a number of years in securing key talent as well as on a personal level. Philip approaches each task with a tremendous level of confidence and enthusiasm, which I find infectious. Mapping out an approach with a sharp commercial focus is a key strength, and I am constantly impressed with the speed and clear understanding of the objectives in approaching each role not to mention the ability to engage well with all key stakeholders and break down barriers with a fresh approach where others have struggled. I would personally endorse utilising Philip and Touchpoint Executive in the future for all my resourcing needs.
    Raff Palermo, Marketing Director, 2010
  • Campari Australia

    Philip was a fantastic resource in my recent employment. With his follow up, advice and preparation support I felt he empowered me to put my best foot forward. I would highly recommend using his services on your next job search.
    Mark Little, Group Marketing Manager Dark Spirits, 2017
  • McPherson's (Beauty division)

    Philip has helped us build a high performance marketing team at McPherson's. Through his strong networks, dedicated focus on delivering strong candidates quickly, and a clear understanding of our business, he has helped us recruit top tier marketers who have delivered growth for our brands and driven positive cultural changes.
    Donna Chan, Marketing Director, 2012
  • Revlon

    I have worked with Philip for the last 10 years as both a client and a candidate. From either side of the fence, I would describe his style as genuine, professional and insightful. He wants the best person in the best role and is able to balance the needs of the individual against the objectives of the company with skill, honesty and patience. Both his network of contacts and innate ability to read people and situations make him one of the best recruiters I've worked with.
    Kaitlin Rady, GM - Sales & Marketing, 2014
  • Dairy Farmers

    Over my years at Dairy Farmers in the capacity as General Manager of Marketing & Innovation, my team and I enjoyed a very productive and positive recruitment relationship with Philip Calodoukas. In times of search for strong Marketing talent, Philip demonstrated sound commercial understanding of our challenging business needs and corporate culture. He was also always well balanced and proactively responsive throughout search processes in representing both ourselves and the candidates. His approach consistently exemplified strong integrity and insight in ensuring an optimal match of candidates' capabilities, career aspirations and potential with the opportunities our business offered. Achievement of that important balance contributed to a high placement success rate, and stability and growth of a terrific Marketing team!
    Lisa Miles, (Ret) GM - Marketing & Innovation, 2007
  • PepsiCo International

    I believe that taking the time upfront to understand my experience and motivations enabled Philip to pair me up with the ideal vacancy and I valued having an open and honest relationship with him. Upon undergoing the recruitment process I found Philip to be extremely supportive and proactive throughout, which was a big help. I would recommend Philip to both employers and candidates alike, due to his approachability, candour and professionalism, which I believe sets him apart from his counterparts.
    Rachel Taylor, Senior Marketing Manager- Carbonated Soft Drinks, 2013
  • Coca-Cola South Pacific

    Philip came highly recommended to me and I can say it’s been an absolute delight working with him as I navigate the next step in my career. From the outset I found Philip to be incredibly personable and trustworthy, he really made an effort to get to know me and understand my style, experience and ambitions. Throughout the process Philip was in regular contact with updates and wise counsel which was truly appreciated. I have no reservations in recommending Philip to others and will certainly look to him as my ‘go to’ man for recruiting and career advice in the future.
    Emily Houlahan, (Senior) Brand Manager, 2018
  • Activision Blizzard

    Philip helped me immensely through my job search, providing me with sound advice on how to approach interviews and key insight on what to focus on throughout the process. He always made me feel like a priority throughout the process (which you don't get from many recruiters these days!) and was extremely honest with feedback to help me move through the interview stages with success. I would highly recommend Philip to any candidate looking for their next marketing role.
    Amber Smith, Regional Marketing Manager, 2012
  • Blackmores

    Philip understands client and candidate needs equally and is fantastic in matching the right candidate to the right company and role. He took time to understand my capabilities, ambitions and values and matched them with the right role, company and culture. He has great integrity, knows the FMCG market and truly understands the needs of both sides. He is fantastic to work with, follows up and got me a role at the company I wanted to work for. Thank you Philip! I would recommend Philip to anyone who is either job searching or looking to fill a vacancy in their team.
    Katja Thies, Group Marketing Manager, 2014
  • Bacardi

    Phillip was great to work with. He had a good grasp of the role and our company and found some quality people for me to meet. He was honest and thorough throughout the entire process – a good ‘partner’ to work with. And in the end it looks like he’s found a great member for our team!
    Kristie Asciak, Head of Marketing, 2011
  • Danone Early Life Nutrition

    Philip was able to provide very capable guidance and specific feedback that assisted me securing a new role, which was over and above my brief to him. He is a very experienced recruiter, who understands the client and candidate needs well. He is also very honest in his feedback and dealings. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
    Andrew Hellawell, Category Manager, 2013
  • Hungry Jacks

    Philip has a natural ability to connect personally with candidates by preparing and motivating them with sound market knowledge and guidance to meet employer’s expectations. To put it simply, you've been amazing, and don't think I would've put myself out there in that way without you.
    Luke Pavan, Marketing Manager, 2014
  • Heineken

    Philip with his enthusiasm, knowledge of the market, negotiation skills & ability to create a personal connection is the Jerry Maguire of recruiters - someone you know you want to work with.
    Alessandro Manunta, Marketing Manager, 2012
  • Campari Australia Pty Ltd

    Philip is clearly an extremely professional and experienced recruiter and I would recommend him to any potential candidate looking to make the next big step in their career. I was very impressed with Philip's honesty and personalised approach to the process, by getting to know me, understanding my needs and providing guidance along the way. I was able to find and successfully land the right role. Thank you!
    Michael Sergeant, Group Marketing Manager Dark Spirits, 2015
  • SAFCOL Australia

    Philip is an exceptional human being - passionate and credible and with great insights into the FMCG industry. His amazing ability to connect with people makes him highly effective in identifying talent by ensuring the best fit every time!
    H. Kay, GM Marketing , 2008
  • News Limited

    Philip treads the candidate vs employer line exceedingly well. Clearly he only works with quality examples of both which helps. His relaxed style belies a sharp and keen understanding of what success looks like and how to achieve it for all players in the game. Listen carefully to his gentle suggestions on the way through... Sometimes they are gold!
    Lachlan Welsh, GM - National Distribution, 2012
  • Lion

    I’ve known Philip for over three years and he is just fantastic. He has been my ‘go to man’ whenever I needed career advice - he has been absolutely invaluable in helping me put things into perspective over the years. Why I enjoy working with Philip? He is honest, never pushy and genuinely cares about the people he works with – it’s not about putting anyone in any job, which is extremely refreshing. I have recommended Philip to many friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Philip!
    Judy Fang, Marketing Mgr, Vibrant Beer Culture, 2011
  • Bacardi

    Having worked with Phil (both as a candidate and a client) for over 5 years, I have always been impressed with his uncanny ability to find either the ideal candidate or the ideal role, whatever the situation. You can always guarantee that through his impressive understanding of the industry and his vast network of candidates/clients that he will deliver on what you’re looking for. His openness, honesty and passion to go that extra mile makes him and his team great partners to work with.
    Mike Lloyd, Marketing Manager, 2012
  • Blackmores Ltd

    I would highly recommend Philip to anyone looking to move within the FMCG industry. Unlike other recruiters, Philip takes a long-term relationship building approach, as opposed to seeking short-term gain. Philip is always available to talk, is a great sounding board and always gives prompt, honest and objective feedback. I've known Philip for many years now and no matter how much time has passed between conversations he instantaneously remembers my name and background and suddenly it's like catching up with an old friend. Philip is passionate about his job and for potential recruits. This translates to a solid working relationship based on honesty and `best fit` for all parties.
    Nicole Blair, Group Marketing Manager, 2008
  • PepsiCo International

    What set Philip apart during my recent job search process was the invaluable industry, career and interview advice he provided, the time he took to understand my experiences and objectives, and his dedication to meeting all aspects of my brief. None of the larger recruitment firms could match his level of personal service and I would highly recommend him to anyone in the marketing industry.
    Robyn Quinn, Marketing Director, 2007
  • Alberto Culver

    In an environment where you often don't know whether a recruitment consultant is working in your best interest or not, Philip stands out from the crowd through his integrity, honesty and open minded approach. He wants to ensure you make the right career move at the right time in the belief that he wouldn't be true to himself by fitting a proverbial 'square peg in a round hole'. He has great contacts, is really interested in people and provides a balanced approach to your career decision-making. I have already recommended Philip to friends who are either serious about a career move or are actively looking to recruit new talent in a sales environment.
    Chris Walker, Snr National Business Manager, 2011
  • Campbell Arnotts

    Philip has provided me with invaluable career advice, kept my best interest in mind at all times and worked diligently to get me the best possible outcome. His understanding and experience of the Sydney Marketing arena is second to none. I am so happy with the recruitment process & outcome. I’m especially impressed with the speed & professionalism Philip handled negotiations & representation on my behalf (even when I was overseas). I’ll continue to call on Phillip for future career counsel.
    Liz Sergeant, Brand Manager, Vita Weat, 2012
  • Ferrero

    It is not easy to find talent when there are more job offers than candidates, but Philip was always a driving force behind our efforts to screen the market and find them ... and we did. I enjoyed dealing with Philip because when it comes to HR I very much want to rely on people that show professional sensitivity and openness to client specific needs and wants.
    Markus Hulsman, Marketing Director, 2007
  • Pizza Hut (Yum Restaurants)

    I was very impressed with the quality of professional consulting service by Philip Calodoukas Director of Connect Executive. Not only did Philip strategically match my credentials with a quality Marketing organisation, he project managed an interstate search placement, with excellent collaboration, rounded feedback and speed through the process. I have always enjoyed working with Philip, he is highly professional in his judgement, service and position matching. In the FMCG sector, he excels in matching right candidates to position briefs. I am extremely pleased with my position outcome and am very grateful for the way Philip managed the process.
    Ross Hendy, Group Marketing Manager, 2010
  • Goodman Fielder

    I've found Philip from Connect Executive to be one of the best recruiters I've come across - he's honest, reliable and always has the best positions. Philip is proactive, builds great relationships with his candidates and is very thorough in his approach. I've recommended numerous candidates to Philip over the years - and will continue to do so.
    Kimberley Knapp, Senior Brand Manager, 2011
  • George Westons

    Philip made the process of finding my new role seamless. Meetings were scheduled quickly, feedback was timely and final negotiations were swift. I felt confident that Philip was providing a professional representation of me to my prospective employer and now that I am working for my new company I know that they are also very happy with his service and continue to call on him to provide quality candidates.
    Russ Prendergast, Marketing Manager, 2008
  • Revlon Australasia

    Philip was set a difficult brief – ‘find us someone perfect - a senior marketer with strategic thinking, detail orientation, ability to work at incredibly fast pace, FMCG and Beauty experience’. Through his strong networks and a clear understanding of Revlon, he achieved the brief in super quick time. We would recommend Philip to anyone interested in recruiting talent in their business.
    Kelly Pumpa, HRD, 2012